Taking a road trip through out England and Wales sounds really alluring. Even though I prefer to travel by air mainly because its much more convenient, but there is nothing more exciting than taking a road trip in a country like UK where one can drive at their own pace, stop at ones will,at the same time enjoying beautiful sceneries through out. One must not be put off with this thought because it Is not as difficult as it seems. Driving in the UK is quite easy for an Indian apart from strict rules and regulations as there is right hand drive just like India in comparison to place in Europe, America or Middle East where there opposite. One must keep certain factors in mind which are cost of fuel, insurance, international driving license, motorway tolls and the number of drivers while taking a long drive. In our case it was a very spontaneous decision as I was visiting my friend in London and he came up with a thought of taking a road trip across England and going all the way to North Wales. So we did planning during the night. We booked our hotel, checked our route, added waypoints to the map, decided on places to visit and next morning we were all set to leave.The car which we used was a 2007 VW Golf 2ltr SDI. It was not really the longest or farthest road trip which I had taken but it was one of the most memorable one. The entire Journey was 270 miles which we roughly covered in about 7 hours. Next 2 days we spent exploring places in North Wales out of which Llandudno and Colwyn Bay turned out to be my favorites. It was a pure Bliss to explore those places during British summer and not so rainy days. It was kind an adventure which is not to be missed and I would recommend every time to experience it once in your life time.

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