Ever thought what’s the difference between the luxury and the budget cars. It is often the long list of features of luxury cars that set them apart from the budget cars, But all those features which come fitted in a luxury car make the car price heavy on the pocket of many buyers. But it’s just don’t like you have to pay a lot of money to get those features. You can just simply make your budget car feel like a luxury one in a few easy ways. The best fact is that these types of modifications don’t affect the cars resale value. even you can just remove it and keep it with yourself while selling.

So Here are the 5 such accessories that you can put in your car to experience the feel of luxury expensive cars.


Leather seats with temperature control12v-Winter-Car-Covers-P

Ever wished to manage the temperature of your car seats? The first thing you get in a luxury car is the leather seats with temperature control. This feature is generally reserved for the expensive luxury cars. but it can be fitted to your budget car where you have to Just stitch the leather seats to the original seats. The only thing that will be required in your car is a 12V socket to keep the thermo-electric heater or cooler running.

Price for leather seat covers – Rs. 4,229 onwards

Price for temperature control pad – Rs. 6,100 onwards

Seat Massagermassager

After a long work all day, a person will never ignore for a massage, so why not install this cool feature into your car where you can easily take massage while driving home, Generally peoples thought is that this feature is a lot costly but many don’t know that it can be easily installed in your budget car as well in a very little amount as compared to the luxury cars. Just keep the massager above your seat and plug it and you will have a lot of massage options to choose from.

Price – Rs. 2,000 onwards


Heads up Displaybmw-new-full-colour-hud

The most common feature in the high-end luxury cars and the most liked ones by many. The heads-up display reflects your speed on the windshield in so crafty and precise way so that you can keep an eye on your speed without removing your eyes from the road. If someone goes for a higher end of HUD then this feature also shows the engine speed, Rpm and the navigations also.

Price – Rs. 1,475 onwards

Portable Fridgeportable fridge

Having a fridge in a car sounds luxury, isn’t it? this feature can easily be installed in your car anywhere in the car you want and it just needs a 12V socket to operate. This feature can sort out all your hot-day problems up to some extent where you can keep a few litres of your drinks cold and ready for you whenever you want it.

Price – Rs. 3,900 onwards

360-degree camera360-degree-camera

This last feature is a little expensive but it’s the most useful among all the features. A 360-degree camera is basically a four camera system which mounts on your car and gives a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. This feature is a lot useful for those parking their cars in a very tight space and it’s also a very nice feature for the cars where the driver does not get a good view of the surroundings.

Price – Rs. 29,900 onwards

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